About Us

It was in 1972 that Darryl began his building career. Coming from the family dairy farm and learning entrepreneurial skills from his parents, he found himself as a person who loved working with wood instead of the milk cows. Located in Westmore, Vermont at Lake Willoughby, the contractor services that Davis Creative Building provided were endless. In these early years, Darryl was privileged to work with the local people of Lake Willoughby who had summer camps and needed a strong young man to do repairs. As Darryl’s skills became more refined and his knowledge of the land and building methods improved, he moved into the family barn that became empty when his Dad and Mom retired from farming. At this time, he discovered working with wood to make cabinetry, trim and even furniture, which he loved best.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Vermont’s summer home industry boomed and people took a strong interest in building their own homes. Davis Creative Building also grew with a crew of 4 to 5 people and the contractor services included CAD drawings, personal involvement of designing the home with the homeowner, and as a full-service builder, helping with all development aspects that a new home requires.

In 1990 Carol became more involved in the office work, communication with suppliers, subcontractors and homeowners and now works full time in our home office.

Since early 2000’s, new homes have been in demand and Davis Creative Building met these challenges with buildings that really showed the art of building a home. We now want to take these skills and work with individuals to renovate their existing homes to have more their own flavor, rather than just someone else’s older home. Improvements in kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, porches, additions and general remodeling is so important to continue and maintain the value of our existing homes.

Northern Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom is our home and we thoroughly enjoy working with individuals to provide them the best building experience they can have with a local contractor.

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