Our Work

Darryl Davis with his wife Carol own Davis Creative Building and Design Co. located in Westmore, Vermont at Lake Willoughby. With the unique opportunities of blending old cottages, the forest, the lake and new homes, Darryl and his crew will show you how you can adapt a new home without disturbing the environment.

We will use your ideas and dreams to creatively design and build your generational home or modify the little cottage to fit your family and your use. Darryl will provide you CAD drawings, and from these paper drawings will build you a model to help visualize your home before you build it. There are no obstacles that cannot be incorporated into a design that will enable you to use your land and live compatibly with it. With our familiarity of local zoning and permit laws, as well as the Vermont Septic laws, we respect the land and the environment to help you build your dream. State regulations can be confusing, but as we go through the building process together it will be much easier. Your home will come alive as you participate in all aspects of its development.

This approach is not just for people looking to build a complete home but you will also find we utilize this approach in building additions, remodeling rooms for new staircases, flooring, screened-in porches, decks and even landscaping. Darryl began building when he was very young, taking up Industrial Arts in High School when his father would have preferred him to become a dairy farmer like himself. But the calling was there to work with wood. From the beginning, in 1974, when he helped local cottage owners get their places in shape for summer use, to gaining experience through doing all types of small building projects, Darryl is a self-taught Vermont builder. He gained a reputation of being an honest business man, straightforward, a visionary and an extraordinary craftsman with each customer he worked for. Years ago, the family dairy barn was converted to Darryl’s shop and you will now find the tools of the woodworking trade that enable us to build all aspects of skillful craftsmanship. One of our hallmarks of quality is using materials that will stand the test of time. Our customers will gladly tell you their story of how their building became a home they love through working with Darryl and Carol’s thoughtful and sensitive ear.

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