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Remodeling > Renovations

As a full-service contractor, Davis Creative Building and Design in Vermont has had the unique opportunity to work on historic buildings such as the Westmore Community Church, the Millbrook School house renovated into the town office, the Fiske Schoolhouse (Darryl and Carol’s home that is the last one room schoolhouse used in Barton), the Old Stone House in Brownington, and many small Vermont country cottages built in the 1950’s. It takes a lot of thought, ingenuity and carpentry saavy to incorporate historical design with new products to look like old, as well as the ability to apply building methods that give these old building a sound and secure structure.

Vermont’s country bungalows, cottages and summer camps are now being renovated to use year round. It takes years of experience that Darryl has to create and renovate these buildings without damaging the historic significance of these buildings but giving it the modern comforts of today.

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